Adding a category Page

Adding menu items to individual category pages.


We have here an ordinary WordPress blog with a couple of posts in the image category, a couple of posts in the recordings category. And the standard hello world

What we’re gonna do is switch over to the admin screens. I’m going to go to Appearance > Menus. And here we’re going to create a new menu. We’ll call it main menu. And this will replace the default pages only menu that WordPress provides.

Then I’m gonna had a couple of items to it, we’re going to add the sample page, and we’re going to add the recordings and images categories.

And now those items have been added to that menu. We could drag and drop them around if we wanted to. But I’m just going to save that menu. And then over here on the left we’re going to assign our menu to the primary menu location on the theme, and save that setting.

Let’s have a look back on the front end now. We need to refresh the page and we see that our menu now has our items on it. We click on the recordings menu item and we see it only displaying the recordings posts. We click on the images menu and we see it only displaying the images posts.

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