WordPress news roundup #2

Welcome to my second WordPress News Roundup. This time I have recorded an audio only version. Let’s just call it a podcast! Give it a listen and see what you think.

I welcome any feedback you may have. I’m also interested in any suggestions for topics or news to cover. Please leave a comment below.

Show notes:

(Links to references in the podcast)

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  1. An engaging, informative and succinct piece. Convenient too for those who can’t make the meetings and the links are really useful.

    What’s more – no ads, I did not have to sign up to anything and.. its free. Thanks a heap.

  2. Hi Mike, thanks very much for mentioning our study on caching plugins. We learnt alot putting it together and in hindsight there are certainly things we’d do a bit differently in terms of setting up the experiments and framing the results. Still I’m stoked you found the results useful. Cheers.

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