WordPress 10th Anniversary

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Later this evening I will be joining more than 60 fellow WordPress fans and enthusiasts to celebrate the 10th anniversary of WordPress’ first release. The event is taking place at Odder Bar in Manchester UK (you can find the details and RSVP on Meetup.com [edit: the page is now removed] ).

It has been an astonishing 10 years. From the very humble beginning to the current world domination (over 18% of all websites — approaching 70 million sites).

In that time WordPress has gone from just the two co-founders: Matt and myself, to a huge worldwide community: the last release included contributions from 260 people — including me. But the community is bigger than just those who contribute to the development and testing of WordPress. The community includes the tens of thousands of businesses that now rely on WordPress in some way or another, from the mighty (CNN, TED, WSJ, Ford) all the way to individual entrepreneurs. It also includes the hundreds of people who help out on the support forums and the many, many people who contribute to groups on Linked In and Q&A sites like WordPress Answers. It also includes hundreds of local groups like the Manchester WordPress User Group I run in Manchester, England, my nearest city.

I know my life has changed considerably in the ten years since I started WordPress with Matt: I changed jobs a couple of times, and  just about four and a half years ago I incorporated the sideline WordPress work I had been doing and set up as an independent WordPress Specialist. In that time I’ve worked on some incredible projects, from the UK government sites like the Number 10 Downing St site, a couple of Law Commission sites, and more; to the award-winning science engagement site I’m a Scientists Get me out of here! and so many sites in between.

More recently I have run WordPress training courses and that has gone very well with some excellent feedback. I will be continuing the courses and intend to branch out into online training too. Subscribe to my newsletter  and I’ll keep you informed of the courses as the become available.

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  1. Thank you for everything you’ve done for WordPress and every single person that uses it.

  2. Thanks Mike! The work you did getting WordPress going helped me become the developer I am today and allowed me to meet many of my closest friends.

  3. Yup, thanks Mike – without you and the work you’ve done, I highly doubt I’d enjoy my work as much.

  4. Rohit Sharma says

    Mike you have done a really great job!

  5. Rich Senior says

    Thank you Mike,

    I hope last night was one to remember! 🙂

    Thanks very much for all that you have done and continue to do for us millions of WordPress users.

  6. Thanks for your contribution to people like me who rely on this Beautiful Platform to convey our thoughts to the whole world thru our blogs.


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